The value of Automatic Like on Twitter

News 11:04 April 2024:

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Twitter has recently proved to be a powerful marketing tool among different people across the world. This is usually done through liking other people’s updates in order to share some kind of information. The good thing about this strategy is that it has a ripple effect. The more you like other people’s updates the more popular you become and also make it easy for others to like your posts or updates.

Automatic Likes

Other than the manual way of liking, you can as well use the automatic twitter icon to automatically like whatever updates you want. You can easily do this by hovering towards the right-hand side of the tweet that you want to be automatically liked until the “like” icon appears. You will then be asked if you want to like to your followers which you will then have a chance to do that.  Once you have decide to like, remember that it is the photo together with the username of the person who first tweeted that will appear on the update rather than yours. However, right at the bottom of the post it will be indicated with small letters, “liked by so and so.”