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The value of Automatic Like on Twitter

Twitter has recently proved to be a powerful marketing tool among different people across the world. This is usually done through liking other people’s updates in order to share some kind of information. The good thing about this strategy is that it has a ripple effect. The more you like other people’s updates the more popular you become and also make it easy for others to like your posts or updates.

Automatic Likes

Other than the manual way of liking, you can as well use the automatic twitter icon to automatically like whatever updates you want. You can easily do this by hovering towards the right-hand side of the tweet that you want to be automatically liked until the “like” icon appears. You will then be asked if you want to like to your followers which you will then have a chance to do that.  Once you have decide to like, remember that it is the photo together with the username of the person who first tweeted that will appear on the update rather than yours. However, right at the bottom of the post it will be indicated with small letters, “liked by so and so.”

Automatic Likes Tidbits

There are many things a lot of people still don’t understand about favoriting, retweeting, liking  a tweet. There are even services that offer auto retweet and automatic likes. And understanding them is the beginning of being the twitter guru you have always wanted to be. For example, a retweet is a re-post of some else’s tweet. So, once you click the retweet icon on some else’s post, all your followers will see it. Whether it is a joke that isn’t funny or an embarrassing nude pic, all those followers who think you are a cool guy will see it. This therefore means that you should really be careful when you think about retweeting someone else’s post.

The good thing however, is that undoing a liked message is as simple as touching the like/unlike icon. What do you do for people to like your posts? First of all, you are not alone in this jungle of no one ever liking your posts. It especially happens a lot when you have few followers or if you are new on twitter. Here is the solution to not getting enough likes. Post quality over quantity. Ask people personally to retweet your posts, and look for more followers in every legal means possible.

Entering the Twitter World

Some people find it hard to understand how Twitter really works. This is a problem particularly to those who have just started to join the world of Twitter and admittedly at first you get so confused of what’s happening.

Luckily, various Twitter apps are designed to help users take pleasure in tweeting and sharing ideas. A lot of apps actually aid in analyzing and making recommendations for the right periods for users to tweet on a daily basis.

Evidently, this considerably aids in reaching your target audience during the times that they are engaged and very much active. Aside from this, apps are not merely designed to help users analyze the performance of their tweets but more so examine your followers’ current activity. To put it simply, you can now easily know why a certain tweet obtained little response.

As always, whenever you feel perplexed and unaware of what to do in Twitter, you can always search for guides such as how to engage in automatic retweets. Lucky are social media users these days for everything is made easier for them. Without any shadow of doubt, communicating to a wide audience is no longer deemed as a struggle at present. Sharing ideas is even more fun, can reach countless of people and surely more exciting.

Top ways to be a likeable twitter user

Facebook still reigns when it comes to social media dominance, but twitter is closing in the gap at a fast rate. If you are an active twitter user, you can contribute to its growth by increasing your followers on the network. You can also build a reputation for yourself if you constantly and creatively make use of the account. And the best way to attract attention from fellow twitter users is by infusing personality into your account. Start by putting a picture of yourself as the profile picture and grace it with a nice catch line that states your interests or a short bio of yourself. In other words, make people relate to you so that they may feel interested to be your twitter followers.

Making people relate to you also comes with the type of posts your make. Let’s say you are a social media journalist. Your work will be to break news as they happen. And if you are really passionate about your journalism niche, start tweeting news regularly while at the same time ensuring that you build credibility by being accurate and timely. On the other hand, engaging with other users by retweeting their posts or liking their pictures can also gain you a considerable twitter following.

How to Capitalize on Your SnapChat Followers

When you are running a SnapChat page, your goal is to help your page grow. It is also your goal to share with your audience and SnapChat followers the things that you want them to gain or learn about you and your business. As such, you have a built in audience to share your thoughts and your beliefs with. You have someone to share and take in all that you want them to see, hear, and know. How will you capitalize on this notoriety?

The worst thing that you can do when working with SnapChat followers is to not capitalize on what it is that they can offer you. Utilize your one-thousand followers or your ten to sell your products, promote your message, and—most importantly—connect with them. Your users are more likely to stick around when you are sharing your time with them in a genuine way. Therefore, consider these individuals as those that you want to connect with and who are interested in what you have to offer. Give them that and they are likely to be more than just fleeting reviewers and viewers of your page.