Top ways to be a likeable twitter user

News 10:04 April 2024:

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Facebook still reigns when it comes to social media dominance, but twitter is closing in the gap at a fast rate. If you are an active twitter user, you can contribute to its growth by increasing your followers on the network. You can also build a reputation for yourself if you constantly and creatively make use of the account. And the best way to attract attention from fellow twitter users is by infusing personality into your account. Start by putting a picture of yourself as the profile picture and grace it with a nice catch line that states your interests or a short bio of yourself. In other words, make people relate to you so that they may feel interested to be your twitter followers.

Making people relate to you also comes with the type of posts your make. Let’s say you are a social media journalist. Your work will be to break news as they happen. And if you are really passionate about your journalism niche, start tweeting news regularly while at the same time ensuring that you build credibility by being accurate and timely. On the other hand, engaging with other users by retweeting their posts or liking their pictures can also gain you a considerable twitter following.