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Using Call to Action to Increase Snap Chat Views

A call to action simply means you are alerting your friends that you have a new story created on snap chat and you would like them to view your story. It is like a commercial or a promotion to help increase your snap chat views by getting more people to view them. You should however be careful not to end up spamming your friends as most people delete spam messages before even reading them.

You can use CTA by sending a snap to all your snap chat friends. It should short and simple especially if you have a lot of friends as you may be required to redo it. To increase the snap chat views further, you can share the snap or video clip to other social media sites such as twitter and face book.

You can send the CTA before you create the snap chat story or immediately after you do so. Your message should have an urgent tone in it. The aim of this is to get people interested in seeing your story before the twenty four hours are over and it gets permanently deleted. Doing it before creating the story gets people to know that a cool story is coming up on snap chat and they should be ready for it.

The value of Automatic Like on Twitter

Twitter has recently proved to be a powerful marketing tool among different people across the world. This is usually done through liking other people’s updates in order to share some kind of information. The good thing about this strategy is that it has a ripple effect. The more you like other people’s updates the more popular you become and also make it easy for others to like your posts or updates.

Automatic Likes

Other than the manual way of liking, you can as well use the automatic twitter icon to automatically like whatever updates you want. You can easily do this by hovering towards the right-hand side of the tweet that you want to be automatically liked until the “like” icon appears. You will then be asked if you want to like to your followers which you will then have a chance to do that.  Once you have decide to like, remember that it is the photo together with the username of the person who first tweeted that will appear on the update rather than yours. However, right at the bottom of the post it will be indicated with small letters, “liked by so and so.”

Automatic Likes Tidbits

There are many things a lot of people still don’t understand about favoriting, retweeting, liking  a tweet. There are even services that offer auto retweet and automatic likes. And understanding them is the beginning of being the twitter guru you have always wanted to be. For example, a retweet is a re-post of some else’s tweet. So, once you click the retweet icon on some else’s post, all your followers will see it. Whether it is a joke that isn’t funny or an embarrassing nude pic, all those followers who think you are a cool guy will see it. This therefore means that you should really be careful when you think about retweeting someone else’s post.

The good thing however, is that undoing a liked message is as simple as touching the like/unlike icon. What do you do for people to like your posts? First of all, you are not alone in this jungle of no one ever liking your posts. It especially happens a lot when you have few followers or if you are new on twitter. Here is the solution to not getting enough likes. Post quality over quantity. Ask people personally to retweet your posts, and look for more followers in every legal means possible.


Some people find it hard to understand how Twitter really works. This is a problem particularly to those who have just started to join the world of Twitter and admittedly at first you get so confused of what’s happening.

Luckily, various Twitter apps are designed to help users take pleasure in tweeting and sharing ideas. A lot of apps actually aid in analyzing and making recommendations for the right periods for users to tweet on a daily basis.

Evidently, this considerably aids in reaching your target audience during the times that they are engaged and very much active. Aside from this, apps are not merely designed to help users analyze the performance of their tweets but more so examine your followers’ current activity. To put it simply, you can now easily know why a certain tweet obtained little response.

As always, whenever you feel perplexed and unaware of what to do in Twitter, you can always search for guides such as how to engage in automatic retweets. Lucky are social media users these days for everything is made easier for them. Without any shadow of doubt, communicating to a wide audience is no longer deemed as a struggle at present. Sharing ideas is even more fun, can reach countless of people and surely more exciting.

Types of Tweets that Certainly Don’t Help you Get Many Automatic Retweets

While it is always good to know what makes you a better twitter user, it is also important to know the things that other twitter users wish you never did. In addition, it is good to know how people react to your tweets and especially why they will then go the extra mile and retweet them. Stick with me in the next few minutes therefore as I guide you on how to remain disciplined and successful in your efforts to grow your twitter following without pissing people off.

Aggressive Marketing Tweets

No matter how clever your message appears, marketing aggressively doesn’t have the best impact when it comes to attracting automatic retweets. People often perceive a direct sales tweet as spam, and they will even unfollow you with immediate effect. Twitter also prohibits large numbers of unsolicited mentions and it could suspend your account for this.With that in mind, learn to be a resource out of which come valuable tweets. Give people information first before you can then mention that you have a product you would like them to buy.

Self-Aggrandizing Tweets

People generally dislike self-aggrandizing people. A few of your friends may like you tweet about how good you are at singing, but few will retweet the message. Instead, people prefer to retweet and like tweets that inspire or motivate others in life. As such, always ensure your tweet has an element of inspiration, entertainment or value to someone else. That way, they will have a reason to share your tweet for others to see.

Demanding for Attention Tweets

Using dozens of hash tags to insist that people should follow you will only make them not to. In fact, social media users tend to do the exact opposite a person who seems arrogant tells them. If you keep insisting that people retweet your tweets, they will ignore them. If you demand them to follow back, they simply won’t. In fact, some of them will end up mocking or even insulting you. As such, learn to play by the rules. Offer great content, and the automatic retweets will come your way even when you probably don’t use many hash tags.

Over-Shared Jokes

You may think that funny tweets attract the highest number of auto retweets, but they don’t always do. In fact there are people who attract thousands of retweets with their original non-humorous jokes. How come? While people love to get tickled, they don’t enjoy overshared jokes. And this is a good point to note because almost half of twitter users today capitalize on jokes as their primary content. By contrast, there are dozens of ideas you could tweet and still get as many retweets as you would want.

Blatantly Insulting Tweets

You would wonder why someone would think others want to view their insults about people’s lifestyles or political views. It happens a lot especially for people who love sharing their love life on twitter. Unfortunately, people find it annoying and not worth sharing at least most of the time.


Top ways to be a likeable twitter user

Facebook still reigns when it comes to social media dominance, but twitter is closing in the gap at a fast rate. If you are an active twitter user, you can contribute to its growth by increasing your followers on the network. You can also build a reputation for yourself if you constantly and creatively make use of the account. And the best way to attract attention from fellow twitter users is by infusing personality into your account. Start by putting a picture of yourself as the profile picture and grace it with a nice catch line that states your interests or a short bio of yourself. In other words, make people relate to you so that they may feel interested to be your twitter followers.

Making people relate to you also comes with the type of posts your make. Let’s say you are a social media journalist. Your work will be to break news as they happen. And if you are really passionate about your journalism niche, start tweeting news regularly while at the same time ensuring that you build credibility by being accurate and timely. On the other hand, engaging with other users by retweeting their posts or liking their pictures can also gain you a considerable twitter following.

How to Capitalize on Your SnapChat Followers

When you are running a SnapChat page, your goal is to help your page grow. It is also your goal to share with your audience and SnapChat followers the things that you want them to gain or learn about you and your business. As such, you have a built in audience to share your thoughts and your beliefs with. You have someone to share and take in all that you want them to see, hear, and know. How will you capitalize on this notoriety?

The worst thing that you can do when working with SnapChat followers is to not capitalize on what it is that they can offer you. Utilize your one-thousand followers or your ten to sell your products, promote your message, and—most importantly—connect with them. Your users are more likely to stick around when you are sharing your time with them in a genuine way. Therefore, consider these individuals as those that you want to connect with and who are interested in what you have to offer. Give them that and they are likely to be more than just fleeting reviewers and viewers of your page.

Free Followers on Twitter: Surveys or Not

If you have a Twitter page, you are likely enjoying the quickness with which you can build your following. Simply putting a short snippet of information on the page and keeping it moving is something that is going to get you considered active on this site. Yet, it is not enough to just post. You need to post information and content that is going to be interesting to your followers. This will help them to become engaged and, then, talk about your page with others. On Twitter, this can seem like a limited goal, as the page itself has blocks that limit your text. But, there is a new and growingly used feature in the Twitter world that is making becoming engaged and interactive very easy: surveys. But, should you use them?

The quick answer in whether or not you should use surveys for Twitter is yes. Surveys are a great way to earn free followers and their free likes because they engage individuals. An engaged follower of a page is more likely to continue to be engaged and share the information that they want and need with others. As such, you should consider surveys as an invaluable tool for growing your page’s popularity and your following.

Instagram Views, Facebook Likes, and Followers: Social Media’s Value to Your Business

Building a marketing plan for a business is important. It helps to set the stage for the processes that are going to drive customer acquisition. If a business is based in service or selling of goods, this marketing schematic is a vital part of attracting and sustaining business. If you have a business or personal goal to promote, you cannot undermine or underestimate the value in internet marketing.

Internet marketing can take on many forms. There is, of course, websites. Websites help to drive sales by connecting people with your products and services wherever they have an internet connection. Another way that you can drive sales is through social media. Social media—be it Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat or any of the multitude of others out there—connects a business with potential fans from all over the world and can really drive sales. Every one of the Instagram views, Facebook likes, or acquisition of followers on any account is a potential opportunity to attract a lifetime customer. Therefore, if you have a business or a personal goal to promote, do not underestimate the social media experience and how features like Instagram video views can help you.

How to Increase the Number of Snapshot Followers

An increasing number of companies today are marketing their brands, products and services through the various social media platforms, including Snapchat. If you have opted to use social media marketing to promote your brand, the number of followers you have to your account is vital. The more followers you have, the more influential your account is and the more likely you are to succeed with your social media marketing efforts. Here are a few tips to help you increase the number of snapchat followers to your Snapchat account:

  • Com up with a unique signature aesthetic: this is particularly beneficial for bloggers; in this regard, you need to develop a unique set of rules and adhere to them. As such, you will achieve feed consistency on you Snapchat account.
  • Comment on others’ posts and engage your followers:  commending on others’ posts will encourage them to commend on yours; hence endorse it to their followers.

These are some of the easiest ways of increasing followers to your Snapchat account.


For a long time now, there has been a huge debate and dilemma too on which could be the easiest way of getting twitter followers easily and effectively. Well, there being no clear answer, two methodologies or better still two criteria have been in contention of the easier way of how to get twitter followers. The first one of course has been the “follow me I follow you back” principle which entails a twitter user following as many people as possible with that hope that he will get back as many more numbers of followers. This has been the mode that has been used by most people and it has not been completely effective.

The second means and perhaps that which has proved controversial but at the same time very effective has been by purchasing the followers themselves for small fee. Well, many people and especially those twitter users who want to be famous across the social media have preferred this mode because it is quite reliable, convenient and very fast such that it happens on the spot and your road to fame and popularity is made easier. Celebrities mainly have made good use of this means and it has worked out surprisingly for them. The choice is all yours now to choose what suits you best.

What to Consider: The Do’s of Choosing a Flipagram Service Provider

If you are going to buy Flipagram likes or followers, it is important that you choose a company that is going to work with you rather than against you. Do not settle for what you think you need to do but really research and understand the definite musts when you are going to work with a company. The following are some of the do’s of choosing a Flipagram services provider to buy Flipagram followers from and to get on the right path to success with your page.

One of the must do’s when choosing to buy Flipagram reflips, for example, is to really talk with that company. Discuss what it is that you want and do ask questions. You can never ask too many questions in order to get the clarity that you want and deserve. A company that will work with you is going to take the time to explain everything until you feel comfortable. Further, you will want to make sure that you do set a goal for yourself. Know what you want and what the company can provide and meet that personal end goal by talking to the company. This will help to make sure that you are comfortable through the whole process and are engaged in it as well.


Twitter Likes: Be Trendy

If you are building a following on Twitter, you want those likes! You want to know and understand that likes are an important testament to positivity and you really want to get as many as you can. There are many different ways, strategies, and plans to do this. The truth is, however, that not everyone should take the same approach to get Twitter likes. But, there are certain things that can be done that tend to get a response no matter what the page is. The following explains more.

For those that want to ensure that they get the most from their page and get the most likes, consider posting trendy topics. Trendy and controversial are two different things. Trendy are those that are going to get people talking and tweeting and retweeting because they know what they are commenting on. Trendy topics include pop culture and can include politics, but should take an innocent or dialogue driven stance rather than a highly controversial one, if posting on behalf of a business that needs to incorporate all. Trendy memes and those images that speak to something relevant shows that the page is up to date and aware of modern trends. Relevancy is crucial in getting a good response.

Test Your Strengths: How Twitter Likes Can Give You Your Next Product

One of the great things about social media is that it builds a relationship with a consumer. If you are a business, you want to use these sites for that purpose, to find your next buyer or customer through your tweets and dialogue with them. But, Twitter is more than just sending a brand message and sharing with others about your business. It is a great way to gauge what your consumers are interested in, what they want to see more of, and what they want to see less of.

You are essentially entering a two-way conversation when you are a business that has a Twitter account. The Twitter likes they give you on your tweets and on your account are telling you that what you are posting about is something positive and getting a good response. Why not extend this to more than just a post? Why not talk about upcoming services and goods that you are considering offering? The likes that you get on goods not yet released can be a pretty good indication of where your business is heading or should head. Be aware of that, then, when you are starting to utilize the site for product and service testing purposes.

Understanding the Cost: Automatic Likes

The cost is something that many individuals, organizations, and companies want to identify when they are about to buy automatic likes from a third party provider. This is important because, after all, if there is no money to buy automatic likes, then they will never display on a page. There are several different payment options and prices when it comes to the process by which you can automatic likes and most of this is determined by the size and amount of automatic likes you are purchasing.

For instance, a company may offer you three or more different packages and sizes of like batches. This is important and should be seen as a good sign because it is not locking you in to one approach. The approach instead is based upon the needs that you have and what it is you are trying to accomplish. If, for example, you want to purchase a large amount of automatic likes you can do that or you can start small. It is up to you and can greatly enhance your options if you are looking for a small boost on a tight budget. The quality of the company, too, will likely be factored into the purchase so consider this when purchasing automatic likes as well.

Building Your Brand through Social Media: Automatic Likes Can Assist You

You want to build a brand. You want your business recognized. You want people to know who you are and what you do. Traditional print media may seem like a great option. After all, newspapers still are available at some different sites and locales, right? While traditional means of advertising are still considered appropriate in some situations, the internet is serving as a tool whose value cannot be underestimated. Therefore, consider using internet marketing as a part of your schematic and marketing plan.

There are several different avenues for internet marketing that can be absolutely valuable to you and your process. Among these is your website. Businesses small and large cannot be underestimated in the value that comes from a well-developed and thought out webpage. This is often the first place that an individual or potential consumer goes to find the information that they are seeking and it can be a make or break in customer acquisition. Another location that individuals are likely to look for information is online via social media sites. Social media is becoming a popular outlet and can help a consumer or potential consumer to find what they are looking for. Whether it is through the process of automatic likes, choosing to buy automatic likes, or building a fan base through the purchase of followers, building a strong social media presence is crucial in today’s modern and technologically driven worlds.