Automatic Likes Tidbits

News 10:05 May 2024:

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There are many things a lot of people still don’t understand about favoriting, retweeting, liking  a tweet. There are even services that offer auto retweet and automatic likes. And understanding them is the beginning of being the twitter guru you have always wanted to be. For example, a retweet is a re-post of some else’s tweet. So, once you click the retweet icon on some else’s post, all your followers will see it. Whether it is a joke that isn’t funny or an embarrassing nude pic, all those followers who think you are a cool guy will see it. This therefore means that you should really be careful when you think about retweeting someone else’s post.

The good thing however, is that undoing a liked message is as simple as touching the like/unlike icon. What do you do for people to like your posts? First of all, you are not alone in this jungle of no one ever liking your posts. It especially happens a lot when you have few followers or if you are new on twitter. Here is the solution to not getting enough likes. Post quality over quantity. Ask people personally to retweet your posts, and look for more followers in every legal means possible.